A brief history of the Self Biennial International Conference

The Global SELF International Conference series commenced as a boutique conference in the Blue Mountains in Sydney and is now, with the Sixth Global SELF conference being held at the University of Laval, Quebec, Canada, is now entering its second decade as an international event. This brief history of the conference series outlines its international involvement. The inaugural conference, conceived by Professors Marsh, Craven and McInerney, was held in the beautiful Blue Mountains just outside Sydney, in Australia, and attracted academics from several countries. The demand for such a valuable networking opportunity was so great that it was evident that there would be continued interest. The second conference, held at Manly, in Sydney, Australia and convened again by Professors Marsh, McInerney and Craven, attracted even more international colleagues and was a huge success with many keynote speakers, and oral and poster presenters. The first two conferences were convened by the SELF Research Centre but the interest in Global SELF Satellite Centres increased to such an extent that the third Global SELF Conference was held at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany under the convenorship of Professor Jurgen Baumart. The international community was well-represented and a very successful conference was convened. 

The fourth Global SELF conference was held at the University of Michigan under the leadership of Professor Jacque Eccles and this saw yet a further increase in the number of international colleagues and presentations joining the Global SELF Research Centre as members. The Fifth Global SELF conference was organised by Professor Maher Abu Hilal and held at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates and attracted colleagues and new members from around the world and particularly the Unites Arab Emirates and Europe. The Sixth Global SELF conference at Laval University, Quebec, Canada under the convenorship of Professor Frédéric Guay saw a growing membership of USA and Canadian scholars. The Seventh Global SELF conference was organized by Professors Wang and Liu at the Singapore Institute of Education and expanded international membership from Europe and Asia. The Eight edition was in Kiel Germany, co-hosted by Professors Olaf Koller (Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education) and Jens Moller (Kiel University). From the small, boutique conference in 2000 to such a prestigious international event and an increased participation rate, we find ourselves at the Ninth Global SELF Conference at Melbourne. The result: Over a more than a decade of interesting SELF research, networking, and collaboration.